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Empowering Integrity and Verification: The iCredify

iCredify, launched in November 2014 by iCrederity Info Services Pvt Ltd, is pioneering a technological revolution in education verification. It addresses the pressing need for streamlining this process, which traditionally involved laborious manual procedures lasting 20 to 60 days, due to the involvement of numerous Indian universities and institutions. Recognizing this inefficiency, iCredify embarked on a mission to digitize verification, significantly reducing lead times and enhancing overall efficiency.

The platform serves universities, corporations, and students with a streamlined three-step process:

Online Submission of Credentials with Payment: Users conveniently submit their educational credentials online, simplifying initial data collection.

Report Generation with Robust Security: iCredify employs strong security measures to ensure the integrity and authenticity of verification. Generated reports are comprehensive and feature advanced security measures to prevent tampering or unauthorized access.

Online Accessibility for Requesters: Verified information becomes readily accessible to requesters via an online platform upon completion of the verification process. This fosters transparency and expedites decision-making for universities, corporations, and other stakeholders.

By harnessing technology and offering a user-friendly interface, iCredify aims to revolutionize education verification, making it faster, more secure, and accessible to all involved stakeholders

What we do

Ensuring Trust and Accuracy: iCredify's Comprehensive Education Verification Services

Established with a mission to serve as a trusted intermediary between educational institutions, students, and organizations. Icredify has a multifaceted role in ensuring the integrity and accessibility of academic records and a centralized platform for institutions to exchange critical information securely and efficiently.

One of the primary functions of iCredify is to provide verification services, enabling employers, academic institutions, and other authorized entities to validate the educational credentials of individuals swiftly and accurately. Through its robust infrastructure and advanced technology, iCredify streamlines the verification process, reducing administrative burdens and mitigating the risk of credential fraud

By facilitating transparency, efficiency, and reliability in academic record management, iCredify empowers students, institutions, and stakeholders alike to navigate the complexities of the educational journey with confidence and clarity


Who We Serve

iCredify is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations seeking verification of educational credentials. Built on a foundation of ethical practices that prioritize transparency and identity verification, we cater to a wide range of companies and organizations, ensuring access to authentic educational records. Our clientele spans the spectrum from small businesses to large corporations, with a presence in all thirty states of India, including major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. We collaborate with startups, IT firms, manufacturing companies, Fortune 500 enterprises, and various other business entities